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Lowell Association for the Blind (LAB) is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to working with the blind and visually impaired. Established in 1923, the Association has been serving the Greater Lowell/ Merrimack Valley community for over 97 years.

I met the Board of LAB during the pandemic of 2020 through a mutual friend. We started doing event invitations, print mail pieces, and website graphics for their upcoming fundraisers, and after a few successful projects I had the opportunity to redesign their website from the ground up. Utilizing their colors, branding, and slowly learning accessibility with website building, we worked closely to build a new website making it the central HUB of all the latest news, information and resources for their brand.

Our Mission: To support, educate, and nurture the blind and visually impaired residents of the Greater Merrimack Valley by helping them enrich their lives and gain independence.

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